Our proven 3-step process to fix your problems.

The Confident Method

The Confident Method fixes your problem in 3 steps and helps you achieve YOUR specific goals like jumping and running without leakage and enjoying sex without pain. Based on physiological healing timelines, we know it takes 12 weeks for your muscles to show a real change in strength. Once you meet all your goals your treatment is complete!
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Step 1: Breakdown

In step 1, you will focus on lengthening, mobilizing, and stretching your muscles and tissue. This alleviates muscle spasms, trigger points, scar tissue, joint stiffness, and fascial restrictions to REMOVE PAIN and MANAGE YOUR SYMPTOMS. You will receive hands-on techniques with your Doctor of Physical Therapy and prescribed exercises specific to your problems, uncovering the root causes of your pain/symptoms for complete healing!

Step 2: Build Up

In phase 2, you will work on coordination, strengthening, and endurance of your pelvic floor, hips, and core. This builds stability and the resilience of your body for long-term relief and FUTURE PREVENTION of your problem from appearing again.


In phase 3 (the most important step), you will add back the things you stopped or scaled back on because of your pain/symptoms (for example, leakage with doubleunders). You will challenge your body to make sure it is adaptable and resilient in order to handle ANY situation (yes, even the trampoline). BE CONFIDENT and return to all the activities you love!

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