“Five stars all around!”

I have ridden horses all my life and as a kid I fell off a lot onto my tailbone. As I got older I had a lot of pain with urination and penetration of any kind. I had issues with going to the bathroom as well. These persisted for years and I just kind of accepted that it was a normal but unfortunate part of my life. But then I realized that I might benefit from trying pelvic floor physical therapy. I started working with Amy on my issues and now after the program I barely experience any of them anymore. Even if I have a flare up from stress I now have the tools to deal with it super efficiently and eradicate the pain. Pelvic Prescription was absolutely life changing, it has opened my eyes to how much my pain was not normal and that there were definitely ways to fix it. My pelvic floor is stronger and more elastic now and it has helped me in so many ways. I have also found that the tools she introduced me to helped me with my weightlifting and even improved my horseback riding as well! It was so refreshing to be in an environment where such a socially neglected part of the body was spoken about so openly and healing was the number one priority. Five stars all around!
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